Control Panels

How to choose a panel.

1. Select the type of Heating & Air Conditioning System to be Zoned. 2. Select the number of zones that will be created. 3. Select the control feature that will control staging. Order model series:
1 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool 2-3 Zones N/A NCM Series
1 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool 4-22 Zones N/A UZC Series
2 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool 3-7 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS BMPlus Series
2 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool 4-22 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS UZC Series
2 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool 2-3 Zones T-stat and/or Timer NCM Series
2 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool 4-22 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS UZC Series
2 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool 3-7 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS BMPlus Series
3 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool 4-22 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS UZC Series
4 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool 4-22 Zones T-stat and/or Timer/OAS UZC Series

The UZC Zoning System is compatible with all HVAC systems with up to 4 stages of heat and two stages of cool.

  • 4 stage heat and 2 stage cool Automatic changeover from any zone
  • Fan control from any zone
  • Use virtually any four wire or multi-stage thermostat
  • Controls up to 22 zones
  • LED display for complete system readout
  • Fire alarm interlock feature
  • Fixed opposing mode timer Integrated supply and return air sensor to protect the equipment
  • Adjustable timer for second, third, and fourth stage heat and cool operations
  • Adjustable fan purge timer 50% rule
  • Demand-based ventilation feature


The main panel is a 4 zone configuration and is expanded 2 zones at a time. EWC will package the UZC in a 6, 8, or 10 zone configuration. For larger systems consult the factory.

The UZC4 Universal Zone Control System allows you to easily upgrade an inefficient single zone HVAC system, into an Automated, Multi-zone, Energy saving, Comfort producing, Safety Minded, HVAC system. With Superior design, Intuitive firmware, Building Code Compliant support, Simple setup options, and Easy to understand wiring, the UZC4 Zoning system is the Designer/Contractors dream.

Combined with Patented EWC motorized dampers and practically any Off-the-shelf Conventional or Heat Pump style Thermostats, EWC has set a New Industry Standard in Large Residential and Commercial HVAC Air Zoning Systems. The main module controls four air zones using 24 vac motorized air dampers and may be expanded up to 22 zones, using ZXM2 Expansion Modules.

The UZC4 will Control 2, 3 & 4 stage Conventional, GeoThermal or Dual Fuel Heat pumps, without the need for dual fuel kits. Also single or multi-stage Gas, Oil, & Hydronic HVAC systems, with single or two stage cooling and Constant or Variable speed fan systems.

It is compatible with most off the shelf 1 or 2 stage Conventional Heat/Cool or Heat Pump Thermostats. All Mechanical, Digital/Electronic, Dual Mode, and Internet Compatible Thermostats that operate on 24vac. Battery powered or Power robbing thermostats that draw less than 20 ma of current are also accepted. Zone 1 will accept One Zone Mode, Carbon Dioxide Safety and Auxiliary/Dehumidify mode inputs. The UZC4 Zone system features automatic changeover from any thermostat allowing for individual zone comfort from the HVAC system.

The STATUS LED pulses as a steady heart beat to indicate active Microprocessor status. On board LED’s will illuminate to indicate system status, HVAC system mode, and active / inactive zone identification. Damper 1 thru Damper 22 LEDs will indicate which zone dampers are demanded to energize Open or Closed.

All modules operate on 24vac power supplied from a separate transformer. A single 40va transformer can power up to 4 zones, with a total of 8 Genuine EWC ND or URD dampers directly connected. The UZC has the ability to inhibit the second, third, and fourth stages of heating during mild outdoor temperatures. The UZC can also inhibit second, third, and fourth stages of heating if less than half of the total number of zones are activated. The UZC4 has too many options and features to list here. Please view our tech bulletin for details.

Click here for the tech bulletin.

Submittal Sheet – Model UZC4

Note: The UZC3 has been superseded by the UZC4.  If you still need a tech bulletin for the UZC3 please Click here.

Unsurpassed single stage, two stage, dual fuel and heat pump compatible control panel for zoning up to seven zones.

The new BMPlus3000 series of control panels are designed for optimum performance and superior comfort. The BMPlus is expandable up to seven zones using the XM-2 expansion panel.  It is also available in the following configurations: BMPlus3000 (3 Zones) BMPlus5000 (5 Zones) BMPlus7000 (7 Zones)



Our 50% rule will inhibit second stage of heating or cooling based on the total number of zones calling. More than half of the total zones must be calling to enable second stage. If less than half are calling, the panel will not allow second stage to activate.

The intelligent design of the BMPlus does not require the use of a dual fuel kit to be compatible with a dual fuel heat pump. The BMPlus can be set to select staging based on an adjustable time delay or based on outside air temperature.

The adjustable stage timer of 5 min. to 47 min. allows single stage thermostats to control two stage systems and heat pumps. The same potentiometer adjusts between 5 F and 47 F for outside air changeover. The adjustable supply air sensor included with every panel is used to protect the equipment from inefficient airflow. The BMPlus provides three adjustable settings for this feature. The cooling limit adjusts between 34 F and 52 F. The first stage of heat adjusts between 110 F and 170 while the second stage of heat has a 5 F to 47 differential from the first stage setting. This allows the supply air sensor to be mounted in the supply plenum, regardless of the coil/heat exchanger configuration.

You can use any four-wire thermostat with either manual or automatic changeover. The BMPlus will accept the first call from any thermostat and turn on the appropriate heating or cooling equipment while simultaneously closing the dampers to the non-calling zones. When another thermostat calls for the opposite mode, that call is held until the original calling zone is satisfied or until the opposing system timer of 20 min. (factory set) has expired, whichever comes first. Once the call is satisfied all dampers will open and the system will shut down for four minutes. After four minutes the opposite mode will energize the system and close the dampers to the satisfied zones. The “one zone” mode allows for easy and quick thermostat set back programming. An active “one zone” mode converts the zoning system to a single zone, all controlled and activated from the Zone One thermostat. This feature ensures energy efficiency during non-occupied periods.

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Submittal Sheet

NCM 300


The NCM 300 panel provides intelligent control of Heat Pump or Conventional forced air zoning systems at a maximum of three zones using motorized dampers and practically any off-the-shelf heat/cool thermostat.

With features like automatic changeover, opposite system service, short cycle timers and supply air sensing capability, the NCM 300 provides a high level of performance in a non-expandable zone control panel. Suitable for new construction and retro-fit applications.

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Submittal Sheet – Model NCM300

ULTRA-TALK 3000 (UT-3000) – The Communicating Zone Control System

The one of a kind UT-3000 Zone Control System provides intelligent control of a communicating HVAC system or 24volt legacy HVAC system at a maximum of three zones using 24volt motorized dampers and any off-the-shelf 24volt thermostat or compatible communicating thermostat.



The UT-3000 is 100% plug and play when connected to a communicating HVAC system and network thermostats.

The UT-3000 includes features such as proportional operation, automatic equipment recognition, dual fuel functions and precise control of supply air target & limit set-points. EWC Controls® raises the bar again and sets another new standard for residential and light commercial HVAC air zoning.

Control two or three air zones with 24vac power open/close motorized dampers. Control any communicating HVAC system based on the ClimateTalk™ open protocol or any 24volt 2 heat / 1 cool gas/electric system or 2 heat / 1 cool conventional or dual fuel heat pump.

The UT-3000 is compatible with any communicating thermostat that operates on the ClimateTalk™ open protocol or with any off-the shelf single stage 24volt heat/cool thermostat or 2 heat/1 cool heat pump thermostat. The UT-3000 panel features automatic changeover from any thermostat allowing for individual zone comfort from the zoned HVAC system. The Liquid Crystal Display scrolls to show current zone thermostat demand input and HVAC system demand output.

In addition, all programming is performed at the LCD. Four buttons are provided just below the LCD screen. The buttons are used to scroll thru the menu on the LCD and make your selections. Program the UT-3000 and select the features you like. Non-volatile memory maintains your settings even after a long power failure.

In addition to the LCD, a total of 5 colored LEDs provide indication of the HVAC system status and mode of operation. A total of 3 green LEDs labeled Zone 1 thru Zone 3 are also provided to indicate which dampers are energized to open. The UT-3000 comes pre-loaded with default operating parameters for zoned HVAC systems. The default program settings free the technician from programming but also allows fine tuning of the system to optimize performance and personal preference.

The UT-3000 operates in proportional mode at all times. Multi-stage and modulating equipment will be operated in a manner that minimizes blower speed, maximizes temperature control and improves system efficiency.

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Submittal Sheet (en Español)

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Expansion Panels


Model XM-2

The XM-2 is the expansion panel for the BMPlus3000 series control panels.  The XM-2 will allow the original (3) three zone panel to expand 2 zones at a time. The XM-2 comes with a “plug-and-play” cable that will connect to the main zone panel.

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ZXM-2 Panel

Model ZXM-2

The advanced ZXM-2 Expansion Module allows you to easily add additional zones to the UZC4 Zone Control System.

You can gain up to 16 additional zones for a total of 20. The robust and superior design, intuitive firmware, simple setup options, and easy to understand wiring, makes the UZC4 Zoning system the Contractors dream.

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