Control the comfort where you want it, when you want it.

An Ultra-Zone control system is the most cost effective improvement you can make to your home. Typically, a homeowner can expect to save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs while at the same time improving the quality of life in the home.


Next up on our Salesman Spotlight, Sonny Milby - Ohio Valley Regional Manager

Sonny got his start in the industry in 1997 as a product manager for a plumbing and heating distributor in Lexington, KY. Before landing at EWC Controls he also worked as a regional sales manager for a large air filtration manufacturer responsible for 12 SE states. He got his start in sales with an independent rep agency where he was responsible for sales of approximately 15 hvac product lines including EWC.

Sonny and his wife April live in Lexington, KY with their dork of a dog, Amos Moses. Sonny has 4 children and one very new granddaughter. Sonny is an avid deer hunter and he and April enjoy volunteering, hiking, backpacking and hammock camping in remote locations.

When not traveling for work or hunting you will likely find him adding to his bourbon collection.

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Always a fun time when we get the rare chance to be in the same room! ...

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What is zoning?

Zoning divides your home into areas with common heating and cooling requirements. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, allowing you to be comfortable no matter where you are in your home. Zoning also allows you to leave unoccupied areas without heating or cooling, saving you more money on energy costs. In addition, EWC’s ULTRA-ZONE system can be used with a variety of night setback thermostats.

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