Commitment to the Environment

Philosophy & Scope

The future of our company depends on responsible environmental stewardship. We will continuously improve our environmental performance through economically sound, ecologically sensitive, socially appropriate, and technologically practical processes. This policy applies to all employees and operations of EWC Controls.


EWC Controls will:

Ensure that our operations comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Our operations must also comply with other environmental requirements subscribed to by the company.

Continuously improve our environmental performance using best management practices and emphasizing pollution prevention and efficient use of resources.

Set measurable goals for environmental performance and track progress toward these goals.

Communicate our environmental policy and performance to our employees and to the public.

Conduct training to inform our employees of their responsibilities for environmental compliance and management.

Make environmental considerations a priority in operating existing facilities and planning new operations. Continue to pursue energy conservation, greater utilization of alternatives to fossil fuels, and opportunities for cogeneration of electricity when technically and economically prudent.

Conduct periodic evaluations of our environmental compliance and management systems.

Constructively work with elected bodies, government agencies, trade associations, environmental organizations, and others to develop practical and effective environmental laws and regulations
Support research on the environmental effects of our raw materials, products, processes, discharges, emissions, and wastes.


Managers – All managers have responsibility for implementing this environmental policy within their area of responsibility.

Employees – All employees are expected to understand their responsibilities for environmental compliance and management. They must comply with this policy, environmental laws and regulations relevant to their respective jobs, and other environmental requirements to which the company subscribes.

Violations – All employees are subject to disciplinary action for violating this policy.

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