Mercury Thermostat Collection and Recycling Program

Program Details

EWC Controls has implemented the following recycling plan to hand out, e-mail, mail, or fax to our customer base. We will continually update and revise the plan as changes are made. All of our current wholesalers will receive this plan and adherence will be mandatory. Non-compliance with this plan will be addressed and corrected immediately.

Any individual wishing to recycle an EWC Controls Mercury Thermostat can do so by using EWC Controls network of wholesale partners as a local drop point.

Any consumer or technician can call EWC Controls and obtain a list of local wholesale partners nearest to their location. All EWC Controls wholesale partners will act as a drop point for EWC Controls Mercury Thermostats. Once the thermostat is dropped off the following procedures will go into effect.

EWC Controls requires all wholesale partners to obtain a return authorization number (RMA) for any and all items to be returned to our facility.

Wholesale partners must list quantities, item numbers and descriptions of all items to be returned before an RMA number can be obtained.

Once EWC Controls is notified that a mercury thermostat is to be returned, EWC Controls will provide our wholesale partner with a shipping bag (plastic 5 mil liner bag) for each mercury thermostat to be returned.

EWC Controls will provide as many shipping bags as needed to our wholesale partner for each mercury thermostat to be returned.

Our wholesale partner will individually wrap each mercury thermostat within a shipping bag and then package it so as to adequately protect it during transit.

Please note that the U.S. Postal Service prohibits the shipment of mercury containing devices. As of March 2010, UPS will transport mercury thermostats. UPS permits up to 15 grams of mercury to ship in a single package. This is the amount of mercury contained in up to three, single bulb, thermostats. If returning more than three thermostats do so as multiple shipments. EWC Controls will not be responsible for any policy changes initiated by UPS.

The mercury thermostat must be in one piece and contain its cover. Units that have broken or leaking mercury bulbs cannot be returned.

Once the items are received at EWC Controls facility the following procedures will be followed. We will continually update and revise these procedures as improvements are required.

Returns are received at EWC Controls and sent to our Quality Control Department.

Our Quality Control Manager will log in the return and match the paperwork to the previously issued RMA.

We will then open the contents and record the customer name, city, date returned, quantity of items and any item (SKU’s) numbers.

Quality Control will then segregate any mercury thermostats, store them in a plastic lined container and put them into storage for final processing.

EWC Controls maintains a Mercury Spill and Contaminant Response Kit at our facility. All designated Quality Control personnel have been trained in the safe and proper use of this equipment.

Every (6) six months of operation, all company recyclables along with Mercury Thermostats are packed and shipped to Battery Solutions, Inc. of Howell, MI. Battery Solutions, Inc. is an ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 compliant company. All EPA documentation and identification numbers are available from Battery Solutions, Inc. upon request.

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