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EWC Technical Support

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Did you know that EWC Controls has a full team of technicians that answer calls from 8AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time??? When you call 1-800-446-3110, simply press -3-, ask for Technical help, and our operator will connect you to a live person……not a computer prompt that asks you to press a series of extensions.

The technicians employed by EWC Controls have extensive knowledge of the product line, and can offer helpful hints and general information on duct sizing and a wide variety of zoning theories. In addition to the help you can get by phone, EWC also publishes it's wiring schematics on the website here, http://www.ewccontrols.com/user_manuals.htm Also, our technicians can fax or email these diagrams whenever needed. Simply ask, and our technicians can custom create wiring schematics to fit your zoning needs where applicable!

Let EWC Controls help you get the job done right!
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Today I had the pleasure talking to John Brown of EWC. Wow! He explained everything so clearly and definitely saved me hundreds of dollars of unnecessary material and labor charges recommended by the HVAC technician. Thank you Mr. Brown.
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Nest thermostat

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Is the EWC-st-3d compatible with a Nest Generation 2 thermostat?
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Just wanted to send a big thank you to John Brown for helping me upgrade my ST zone board to an NMC300. John explained that the upgrade was necessary to allow me to upgrade to wifi thermostats (Sensi). I installed the board and tstats today, and when I had a question about how the dampers are supposed to operate I emailed him (Sunday afternoon) and he called me about 20 min later. John then helped me to quickly verify that the dampers were okay and everything was working perfectly. I really appreciate the excellent help and the quick response on a Sunday. Thank you!
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Thank you.
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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EWC tech support is Awesome!
They do not attempt to hide anything from the consumer.
They freely share ALL of their knowledge about HVAC zoning with
contractors as well as DIYer's.
Upon installing my zoning system from EWC, I contacted them with
a question on proper bypass operation.
John Brown spent over an hour with me on the phone while I operated the system
and assisted me in proper bypass setup.
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Does EWC offer training
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Yes, we do. Please contact your local EWC Controls distributor. They should be able to give you information for scheduling a class.

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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Thanks for the help.
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Thank you John!!! The best technical support I've ever received from any company ever! If you are on the fence about what product to use for your HVAC system, I can tell you, EWC is the best! Not only do they have solid products, but having the level of technical support they provide is unheard of in this industry. Thanks again John!
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