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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Thanks for the help, John.
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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Thanks for help 8-)
I have same problem.
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Good job, thanks bitcoin
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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When one zone is running continuous fan, and a second zone calls for cooling, will the zone calling for fan close until the second zone is satisfied?
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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I wanted to thank EWC and specifically John Brown for all his technical support in my transition from ST-2C to NCM-300 board in preparation for me to move to Wifi T-Stats! He was very patient with me and helped me address my wiring issue and walked me through the additional steps i want to take to add a 24V transformer to my unit as my system was stealing power from my equipment.

Awesome support!!
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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This is useful information
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Re: EWC Technical Support

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I have 2 zone forced hot air and central AC with EW-ST-2E control board. In 2017, I had my local HVAC professional install the Pro1AQ t855i Wifi Thermostats for each zone. The wifi on the thermostat for the master no longer functions properly. I want ecobee and know that I will need a NCM300 control board.

I've read the technical bulletins and documents at

and watched a YouTube video of a EW-ST-2E to NCM300 upgrade (that includes a shout out to John Brown) at www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqDAymD3c-A

My concern is that in 2017, my HVAC installer may have customized/altered the wiring on the EW-ST-2E to allow for the Pro1AQ t855i thermostats to function. I've attached photos of my control board. Can anyone tell me if the original wiring was altered in 2017 and if so, whether I can still follow the directions in the EW-ST-2E to NCM300 conversation linked above? I think the gentleman in the YouTube video had not had his EW-ST-2E control board previously altered.
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