Manually opening MA-ND4 / MA-ND5 / MRK

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Manually opening MA-ND4 / MA-ND5 / MRK

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Hello, we are having a problem with air not getting into a zone in our home. I had a repairman come out and look at it and he said that one of these units wasn’t working correctly so he had to mechanically open it. It worked for a short time but then closed afterward. They assured me they are ordering a new part. However, could someone let me know the process (in simple layman’s terms please) on how to mechanically open one of these units in the meantime? I tried but really don’t want to make anything worse. Thank you!
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Re: Mechanically opening MA-ND4

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On the face of the motor is a large black button. It's right above the terminal block. If you push it and hold it down it will release the gears inside the motor and permit you to rotate the motor shaft by hand.

While waiting for the tech to return you can use the clip on the side of the button to keep the button down. While the button is down the motor will not try to open or close on its own, however the air flow in the duct may push/turn the blade(s) of your damper. If you want to prevent this you can try some duct tape to hold the shaft where you want it. Just remember to remove it once the repair is complete.
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