UT-3000 Different heat/cool weighting

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UT-3000 Different heat/cool weighting

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Some history:
  • My home is two levels plus a basement
  • I'm in Ohio and the load calculation that was done shows the cooling loads and heating loads being different (BTU-wise)
  • My home started with one 5-ton single-stage cool with gas furnace HVAC system in the basement that has ducting/returns to all rooms on both floors (system is non-zoned)
  • The basement unit is sized properly (at least on paper) for the entire house but a few second-floor rooms always suffered in summer due to heat-rise and poor supply ducting
  • To solve the problem, I've had a 2-ton communicating inverter heat pump (Daikin FDMQ) installed in attic with ducts to all second floor rooms
  • The attic system is sized appropriately for cooling season but IS NOT sized for heating season (no heat strips)
  • Currently, the basement ductwork to all rooms in the home are still in place and will remain in place
I will eventually need to replace the basement system and I'm in a bit of a pickle now with how to do that and meet the home's heating/cooling needs evenly. Now that I have the attic system (Daikin FDMQ), during cooling season I really only need to cool the first floor. However, during heating season I will need to heat both first and second floor (potentially simultaneously) depending on the outdoor temperature.

My HVAC company installs Daikin products and the Daikin Fit Heat Pump or straight A/C looks like a great solution and the UT-3000 works well with those systems. How would you configure the UT-3000 zone weights in my situation? Assuming Zone 1 is first floor and Zone 2 is second floor:
  • Cooling season would ideally be Zone1 100% and Zone2 0% (Zone2 thermostat would essentially always be off during cooling season)
  • Heating season would be more like Zone1 50% and Zone2 50%
Further complicating this, a few of the supply ducts would be in both zones (foyer and bathroom supplies would always be open).

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Re: UT-3000 Different heat/cool weighting

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Please give us a call today on this. It is too much to type. up

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