Zoning not heating correctly for EWC ST 3D

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Zoning not heating correctly for EWC ST 3D

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I am new home owner and have EWC ST 3D panel as attached.

Zone 1 - master and on first floor
Zone 2 & 3- are on 2nd floor

Problem- whenever heating starts on first floor it starts to heat on zone 2 and 3( 2nd floor)automatically. I have tried reducing the temperature for zone 2 & 3 but didn’t help. If i set zone 1 to 68 degree then 2nd floor ( zone 2 & 3) are reaching 80degree plus even when zone 2 & 3 are turned off.

P.S- I am able to start zone zone 2 heating without heating zone 1 ( say i set zone 1 to 64degree and zone 2 to 68 degree then just zone 2 will heat as expected) but vise versa is not working and causing overheating of 2nd floor.

Any suggestion to fix this ?
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Re: Zoning not heating correctly for EWC ST 3D

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Sounds like Zone 2 and Zone 3 Zone dampers are not closing. That's why its getting so hot upstairs. I would recommend you get a HVAC Contractor out to your house to take a look at that.
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