NCM-300 v1.2 versus NCM-300 v2.3

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NCM-300 v1.2 versus NCM-300 v2.3

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I am a homeowner and my current NCM-300 v1.2 board seems to be misbehaving. Last night it failed to activate any of the dampers even though all three zones were calling for cooling. At the same time it showed all three zones as energized.I reset the timer and that didn't help.Then I ran the contractor test mode and everything but the dampers worked during the test. Ultimately, I was able to get the house cooled by running the fan continuously in all 3 zones, this seemed to override the problem and open the dampers. This morning I re-turned all 3 thermostat's fan settings to auto. My intent was to measure the output voltages being sent to the dampers, that I had failed to do last night. Some how the unit seems to have corrected itself, however my confidence in the board is now very low and I am thinking of replacing it. While it is possible that the thermostats are to blame, I highly doubt that all three would fail in the same way at the same time.


1. Is the NCM-300 v2.3 a one-to-one replacement for the the v1.2? That is would all of the connections be identical?

2. Are there any advantages to the v2.3 over the v1.2 that would encourage me to do this sooner?

3. As a homeowner and not a contractor, if I make the replacement myself will I get the full warranty on the new board?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Re: NCM-300 v1.2 versus NCM-300 v2.3

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Give me a call 1-800-446-3110 X490
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