Multi Zone with Multi speed

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Multi Zone with Multi speed

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I have a 3 bedroom house 2700 sq ft with a Rheem 5 ton single stage (speed) air conditioner.

The A/C cost is about 42% to 60% of our electric bill.

My examination of the current system makes me think that it only is easily switchable to a 2 zone system let's call this option 1. Upstairs and download stairs zones. That would put five registers on each zone with a large bypass register at the top of the stair case.

Problem is that I do not expect a big return on this simplier option 1 change.

Option 2 would be to start a clean slate. Replace the current A/C unit for a unit with the most possible speeds?
Then create 5 zones;
Bedrooms 1 to 3 (upstairs) 3 zones
Family room (down stairs) 4th zone
Living Room and Dining room (Also down stairs) 5th zone

Currently we live in only two rooms; one bedroom and the family room. and the spare bed rooms become meat lockers at night.
Pros of this approach
Each bedroom has it"s own temperature.
We can cool only the rooms we use.

Please offer advice on this proposal?
What multi speed 5 ton system would you recommend?
Which controller?

Thank you for your time.
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