NCM-300 Will only heat for 2 min.

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NCM-300 Will only heat for 2 min.

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Currently have A EWC NCM300 zone controller on a Gas supply air system with (3) zones. Basement, 1st, and 2nd floor. I have checked the DIP switch setting and wiring everything looks good. However when heat is called it runs for two minutes and shuts off even though the zones are still calling. Then is restarts after about 2 minutes and does it again. This is a new development. I replaced all the switches on the air/handler with the exception of the supply air sensor. HVAC mechanic that installed cannot find out why either. Any ideas?
This is not a heat pump system and dip 1 set to on dip 2 set to HC dip 3 set to off dip 4 set to 120s dip 5 set to 0 dip 6 set to O dip 7 set to on dip 8 to gas.

W2 timer set to 14
Low temp set to 37
High Temp limit set to 170

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: NCM-300 Will only heat for 2 min.

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Give me a call when you are in front of the board.

Thank you

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