Econet Zone Control shows no temperature

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Econet Zone Control shows no temperature

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I installed a three zone panel EcoNet REPNL700ZON to my new Rhem air conditioner. I also installed 3 EcoNet Zone controls RECTL7000ZON in addition to the main EcoNet thermostat SYS model.
Everything talks to each other, but none of the Zone Thermostats display a Temperature. They display ---- (two dashes), humidity is well measured. The main thermostat sees the three zones and reads the humidity from each zone, but then reads 0 degrees tempearture.
I have tried everything possible and checked all settings. I am starting to suspect a physical issue with the Thermostat temperature sensor, but in all three. I just them together just a week ago, and they are like this from the beginning.
Anyone has an idea what could be the problem? Rheem support is not existent.Thanks
Steven W.
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Re: Econet Zone Control shows no temperature

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Give us a call when you get a chance
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