BMPLUS3000 Zone 2 Heat Not Triggering

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BMPLUS3000 Zone 2 Heat Not Triggering

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Pretty standard two zone gas setup: Zone 1 is downstairs Zone 2 is upstairs. Downstairs cools and heats great. Upstairs thermostat triggers AC just fine and will open both zone's dampers, but heat does nothing. The damper is controlled by an MA-ND5 actuator that does not activate either. It's like nothing on the board is detecting the heat threshold has been triggered. I'm getting approx 26V to Zone 2, but essentially nothing to the heat wire which leads me to think there's a short somewhere on the board.

Wiring for both Zone 1 and Zone 2:
C - Blue
W/E - White
Y - Yellow
R - Red
G - Green

Dip Switches:
1 - right (SYSTEM other)
2 - right (HP CONV)
3 - left (TSSTATS HC)
4 - left (TV O)
5 - right (STAGING timer)
6 - left (50% RULE OFF)
7 - right (SAS ON)
8 - left (FAN GAS)

Staging Timer/Gas - 42
Low Temp Limit - 42
High Temp Limit - 145
2nd Stage Heat Differential - 45

Any guidance would be appreciated, this is my first Winter with this unit.
Steven W.
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Re: BMPLUS3000 Zone 2 Heat Not Triggering

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Can you give me a call today im going to need you to take some voltage for me

1-800-446-3110 X461
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