Daikin Fit - high fan speed during purge

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Daikin Fit - high fan speed during purge

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I have a recently installed Daikin Fit system with the UT3000 and 3 zones. All zones are using Daikin One+ thermostats.

Everything is working well except that the fan speed during purge is annoyingly high.

The purge setting has been changed from 50% to 25%, but seemed to have minimal, if any, impact.

I see the UT3000 manual have several notes about purge speed, but to this point neither my installer or myself have been able to find a setting that notably reduces the purge fan speed.

My unscientific observation is that the fan speed seems to roughly equal the max fan speed I've experienced in high load situations, meaning it is far higher than I experience during normal runs.

Any assistance is appreciated.
Steven W.
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Re: Daikin Fit - high fan speed during purge

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Please give us a call on this when you get a chance.

Thank you

Steven R. Weisneck
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