EWC-ST-2C Compatible Thermostats

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EWC-ST-2C Compatible Thermostats

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We ordered an Emerson ST55 Thermostat only to find out after installation and an hour with a service rep that the thermostat is not compatible with our EWC-ST-2C Zone Control panel. We have a four zone system with Gas Furnace and Electric Central AC

Our old thermostat was a white rodgers 153-7758. The wires corroded, and it no longer works. This was the main control unit for zone one that went out. Is there a list of thermostats that would be compatible with our system?

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Re: EWC-ST-2C Compatible Thermostats

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If you are looking for a Thermostat for the master zone on your ST-2E / ST-3E zone boards here is a list of Thermostats that have the separate "O" and "B" connections that you are going to need for the master zone. Remember the ST series boards are master/slave (Winter/Summer manual changeover) so you are going to need these two connections on your zone 1 thermostat for your board to work correctly.

When you are programming the EWT-601-2 and EWT-725 Thermostats for the ST-2/3E Boards program them to Heat/Cool not Heat Pump. The Heat Pump setting will not work for the ST-2/3E Boards. There are NO WIFI thermostat's that will work with the ST boards.

EWC Thermostats
EWT-601-2 – None Programmable
EWT-725 - Programmable

PRO 1 Thermostats
T601-2 – None Programmable
T725 - Programmable
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