EWC's UT3000 & ComfortBridge equipment compatibility

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EWC's UT3000 & ComfortBridge equipment compatibility

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Recently, we have received numerous tech calls from frustrated Contractors who cannot achieve control (communication) between the Ultra-Zone UT3000 zone controller and Goodman "ComfortBridge" rated HVAC equipment.

This is because ComfortBridge "indoor units" are designed to work with "legacy" non-communicating thermostats. A ComfortBridge indoor unit will not accept a communicating thermostat or a communicating zone control, even though the Indoor unit is communicating with the Outdoor unit.

With ComfortBridge, all performance & control logic settings are achieved via blue-tooth and the Goodman smart phone "Cool Cloud" App, and a standard 24vac "non-communicating" Heat/Cool thermostat is specified.

Please refer to the indoor unit "IOA" literature of any ComfortBridge rated system. (ie P/N IOA-4030B March 2020), which is the Model AVPTC series Air Handler. Note that none of the control wiring diagrams reflect a communicating thermostat.

The manufacturer's text specifies a standard Heat/Cool (non-communicating) thermostat to control a ComfortBridge HVAC system, even if the system is a heat pump. So, if you must use a non-communicating thermostat to control a ComfortBridge rated system, then you must use a non-communicating zone controller, such as the Ultra-Zone model NCM300.

If you find yourself in the situation described above, wire up the UT3000 in non-communicating mode and manually program the UT3000 for a standard Heat/Cool HVAC system. If you are planning to zone a ComfortBridge system, specify a model NCM300 rather than the UT3000.

We understand that many contractors are receiving conflicting "compatibility" guidance on these systems and we want to help you avoid lost job time, due to a lack of and/or incorrect information from others.

The UT3000 zone controller is compatible with communicating "ComfortNet" and "FIT" rated HVAC systems, and the ONE+ communicating thermostat, manufactured by Daikin.

The UT3000 is not compatible (cannot communicate) with "ComfortBridge" rated HVAC systems by Goodman.

We encourage you to confirm Manufacturer HVAC system compatibility, by contacting EWC before you buy...

John Brown
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EWC Controls
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