Warranty on homeowner install

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Warranty on homeowner install

Post by richarda »

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in installing a UT-3000, along with the necessary dampers to add zoning to my HVAC system. I have many questions! The first is quite general: Would EWC Controls honor the warranty of their zone board when installed by an unlicensed homeowner?

thanks in advance for any help
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Re: Warranty on homeowner install

Post by Ric »

Our warranty is not affected by the professional standing of the installer. So yes, we would honor the warranty. Be aware that the warranty is processed by the distributor. You would return the product to them and then they would return the product to EWC Controls. EWC issues the refund (or replacement product) to them.

The UT-3000 is our top of the line board. Please be sure you read all of the documentation and are familiar with all of the procedures. We really recommend you use a qualified HVAC contractor. Our warranty doesn't cover a board shorted out by incorrect wiring.
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