Smart thermostats for

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Smart thermostats for

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I have two BMPlus3000 RevB boards that also have XM2 RevB boards that control a 7 zone system with 7 tstats. When thinking about the ability of automating the control of these units, I wanted the ability to control each zone through a unified interface and also the ability the control each one remotely.

Since I will likely replace all 7 tstats with smart tstats to accomplish this (at a cost of $100-$250 a pop), what smart tstats are recommended by EWC. From the overview documentation of the BMPlus3000 it states that "You can use any four-wire thermostat with either manual or automatic changeover.", but I wanted to be sure before dropping $1500 of tstats that may not be compatible and/or have had issues with the BMPlus3000 board.


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Re: Smart thermostats for

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For the Bmplus7000 any thermostat will work for you.
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