Issue With Zone Panel Dumping To Non Calling Zone

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Issue With Zone Panel Dumping To Non Calling Zone

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I am in the process of finishing my basement and redid all ductwork, new single stange oil furnace, utilizing my existing 5 yr old goodman 2 ton AC unit. The house is approximately 1100 sq Ft ranch, and finished basement is same size.

I have 17 ECW actuators and I am pretty sure they are wired correctly as I have tested out the zones and the correct ones switch on/off based on the led light display and also put my hand near each register.

What I am noticing, is that on days that are relatively warm/sunny, say like 45+ degrees F outside the upstairs is overheating. Upstairs thermostat set to 69 and downstairs is set to 65 (till I finish it then I would keep them the same). Downstairs thermostat seems to call a lot where upstairs won't call at all, which is strange cause it has R25 on the walls, R 15 in ceiling mostly for sound, triple panel windows, and unfortunately due to ceiling height I will only be able to get like R1 on the floor when I finish the floor.

Upstairs is wired as zone 2, downstairs as zone 1 on NCM-300. Whenever basement temp is met and thermostat turns off, it opens the other zone even when the upstairs is already at 72 when being set to 69. Now I will say the furnace is a 90k BTU which is probably overkill for me in North Jersey but this winter has been mild maybe I need it for negative temps.

I personally would prefer if the unit was "dumb" and just kept dumping the heat into the last calling zone until the minimum run time expires. Looking at all the switches on the panel I can't seem to make sense of a way to change it to this way? My guess is the downstairs is heating up and triggering off fast within a minute or less of furnace fan turning on and then the computer is trying to guess the other zone is going to need heat soon and dumps it there?

Maybe the thermostat's temp differential is too tight? Basement thermostat is 7-Day Programmable T5 Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Issue With Zone Panel Dumping To Non Calling Zone

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