Upgrading from ABS-OR-3 question

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Upgrading from ABS-OR-3 question

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I'm planning to upgrade both my zone dampers and control board for a 2 zone gas furnace & AC system.
I believe the appropriate board is a NCM-300. The wiring looks straightforward, once I eliminate my selector switch wires from the old system.
I currently use a thermostat that has a built in humidistat to turn on my humidifier and blower via a couple of relays (one for the blower and one for the humidifier). This allows the humidifier and fan to run when needed, independent of the furnace since we heat with a wood stove much of the time.
Will that still work with the NCM-300?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!
Steven W.
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Re: Upgrading from ABS-OR-3 question

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Yes it will work for you. We recommend running your humidifier to the system side of our board (R terminal and the W terminal).
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