ST2D -> NCM300 Wiring

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ST2D -> NCM300 Wiring

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Hi. I am in the process of switching my ST2D to a 300, and have 4 questions regarding wiring in two specific areas (see picture):

1) on the System Side: my 2D is connected to Y,W,G,R. the 300 has no W - but it does have W1/B. Do I plug the white wire into that?

2) On the system side: RH/RC link on 300 - do I keep that intact? (I have single boiler Hydro Air, w 2 blowers (1 blower is zoned). The instructions confuse me. I am Oil / Hydro

3) on the Zone 1 side: my 2D is connected to W,Y, R1 (not R),O,B,G. Please confirm that I do not connect the O and B line at all? Also - is R (on 300) and R1 (on ST2D) same?

4) on the Zone 2 side: my 2D is connect3ed to W,Y,R - assume that's a straight copy over?

Thanks in advance
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Re: ST2D -> NCM300 Wiring

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Hi my name is Steven i am one of the Techs here at EWC Controls.
When you get a free minute please give me a call.

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