Honeywell Trol a temp problems

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Honeywell Trol a temp problems

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I have a heat pump/central AC system running on natural gas & electric. My panel is a Honeywell Trol a temp 422044, MM-3 Mastertrol Mini 3. The thermostats are Chrono Therm III that appear to be a master slave set up with the master in the first floor MBR. That Tstat has a fan switch and a heat-off-cool switch. The other two Tstats are in the 1st floor dining room which I’m assuming controls all but the MBR vents. The third zone is the upstairs. It’s a relatively modern 2900 sq ft home built in 1998.
My problem is that I can never get the upstairs cool enough without freezing on the first floor. The zones, which I thought should be operating independently, don’t seem to do that. The upstairs never really cools to the set temperature, and as I said, the downstairs is frigid when it’s trying to cool upstairs.
I really really dislike these complex programmable thermostats which are old and not user friendly. I would like to resolve this problem somehow and prefer to upgrade to simpler thermostats. The HVAC guy who is becoming a good friend due to so many (costly) visits without resolution, says we would need to switch out the control panel in the basement which would be expensive. He said he would try to find some options for a new control panel but has not offered any so far.
I’d like some opinions on what our best options are. I’d be happy with a simple thermostat even if it doesn’t provide such intricate control and even if it doesn’t provide the same ability to economize. There is usually someone home, and our work schedules are so varied (days/nights.weekends) that there are really no consistent “away” times.
Seems like this old system was designed for a Mon-Fri, 8-5 kind of family...not us.
I’m no pro, so if you have ideas I would pass them on to my HVAC friend who is visiting again on Monday (7/15). Help....
Steven W.
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Re: Honeywell Trol a temp problems

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Good morning

My name is Steven I am a Tech here at EWC controls When your HVAC Tech gets to your house have him give me a call
(732) 446-3110 x461. So I could go over with him what type of zone boards and Thermostat's we can offer and hopefully this will help you out with your problem.
Steven R. Weisneck
Technical Engineer
Tel: (732) 446-3110 Ext. #461
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