NCM-300 and Ecobee4

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NCM-300 and Ecobee4

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I skimmed through the first few pages of this forum but saw nothing that helped, so please forgive me if this has been answered before. I just bought a house with an NCM-300 controller and I was told that the Ecobee 4 is compatible. The house has two zones, and I am trying to install the Ecobee in Zone 1 (the main floor). I have it wired up properly (I believe), using Rc, Y, W, G, and C to their respective connections on the control board in Zone 1. The device powers on and properly identifies the connections, but when it orders heat or AC, nothing happens. I can see lights change on the control board when it orders the AC and when it closes off the other zones (I think that's what is happening), but the fan never activates and the heat/AC never actually turn on.

This is my first time installing one of these so it is entirely possible I am being stupid about something, but I'd really appreciate if someone could point that out to me.


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Re: NCM-300 and Ecobee4

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Call 18004463110 X490 have a few questions.
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