Damper noise when opening and closing

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Damper noise when opening and closing

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I have a two stage natural gas forced air furnace with a 2-zone system controlled by a EWC BMPplus Rev B controller. When the system was first installed I had a lot of noise in the ducts during activation and running of the zones, mostly with zone 2 (basement). The contractor installed a bypass damper to help with noise, but after reading about their inefficiency I decided to just let extra air dump from zone 2 to zone 1 by making the closed position of the zone 1 dampers be at 80%. I now force the bypass damper closed all the time. This solved most of the noise issue. I still have a lot of noise when the zone 2 (basement) damper closes and opens (mostly when closing). It seems like I could solve it by making the blower stop before the damper closes. Is this possible? I noticed there is a purge delay timer, but the time is fixed at 90 seconds.

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Re: Damper noise when opening and closing

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