Technical Support

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Technical Support

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Hi All,
Just wanted to share my fanastic experience working with the Technical staff. I currently have a Hybrid System, which includes a Trane Heatpump and Trane XV95, with a two zone system. I hired an HVAC company to do the installation and the company never had the experience to perform the job. Needless to say they never came back. I call the TechSupport number and EWC Sr. Technical Support Manager was patience enough to walk me completely through the proper installation of my complete system. (Trane Heat Pump, Trane XV95, Trane Thermostat, and Honeywell Thermostat. I have learned so much from them I was amazed. My Self by background is in IT not HVAC. My system is completely setup and working excellent. They only advise after they spent many days getting everything working, and if you need additional work, you better watch the HVAC person you have working on the system. Because when it doesn’t work anymore you need to fix it back!!!!! Not many HVAC guys have the knowledge on the EWC Control......... Thank you All for your outstanding Help Greatly Appreciated!!!!!!

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Re: Technical Support

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Thank you

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