Thermostat compatibility with BMPlus 5000

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Thermostat compatibility with BMPlus 5000

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I have a new house that we just finished for ourselves. it has a 2 stage heat/2 stage cooling heat pump system with 4 zones. The contractor installed Honeywell Lyric T6 Pro TH6220WF2006 thermostats for each zone. Are these compatible? He also installed a BMPLUS 3000 with a XM2 to get the fourth zone.

Are theses thermostats compatible with this system?

Initially, I determined before we moved in that the strip heat was running all the time, even in cooling mode.
This was mostly evident from the red light at W2/EM burning all the time, but also evident when the first electric usage bill showed up, for $375 even though we had not had any really cold weather.
He came back and changed the dip switches, and that seemed to stop the EM red light, although sometimes it is still burning.
I looked at it yesterday afternoon when it was 56 degrees outside, but when one of the zones called for heat, the EM light came on a few minutes after startup. And, the next electrical usage bill came a couple of days ago, and it was over $300 again.

The dip switches that he adjusted are now set to:
1- HP
3- HP
4- O
6- OFF
7- ON

Any advice?
Paul Z.
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Re: Thermostat compatibility with BMPlus 5000

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Give a call 1800 446 3110 X490.
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