8x16 ND dampers rattle

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8x16 ND dampers rattle

Post by skull791 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:54 am

First time post, I replaced my own old dampers with new ND dampers on my zoning system. 5 6" ND dampers and 1 8x14 and 2 8x16.

Both 8x16 when air is going through and they are in open position rattle badly enough that you can hear at night. any suggestions. my old IO dampers were quite only reason I change them because I switch all to EWC brand.

Paul Z.
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Re: 8x16 ND dampers rattle

Post by Paul Z. » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:48 am

give a call 18004463110X490 a few questions.

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