Ecobee 4

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Ecobee 4

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I replaced my Honeywell XT500C thermostat with Ecobee 4. This is connected to a EWC UZC 3c control board. The old stat hardly used Aux heat even in single digit outside temps using a Trane 19 XL. The old stat also used the variable speed fan, so on cold days it would run fan on high and keep the house comfortable.

Today it is 32 degrees outside. Set temp is at 65. The Temperature inside has not gone above 59. The outside unit is producing plenty of heat as the Freon pipe coming in is hot. Looking at the stat it indicates running Stage 2. I have noticed the fan never ramps up like it did with the old thermostat. Now if I allow Aux heat on then the fan will kick into high gear.

Do you have any suggestions?
Paul Z.
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Re: Ecobee 4

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Give a call 18004463110X490. We are not Ecobee 4 thermostat experts, we can try.
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