Zone 2 Working, Zone 1 Not Working

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Zone 2 Working, Zone 1 Not Working

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I am not a technician, just a homeowner with a cooling issue. Up front apologies for my lack of technical depth, I'm just a homeowner who tries to solve his own problems before calling up a professional, especially if I can research the problem, and discover its an easy fix.

Long story short, only one zone of my AC is active. My upstairs (zone 2) works fine, but my downstairs (zone 1) doesn't push cold air. Both thermostats appear to be in their normal working order. I set the downstairs temp way down, and the upstairs off, and although the handler is running, no air is coming from any of the downstairs vents. I have, what I believe to be a CM2N, controller in the handler closet and there does seem to be a red light next to the zone 1 connection. My guess is that this is a controller problem and not the AC unit itself, since one zone works fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Paul Z.
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Re: Zone 2 Working, Zone 1 Not Working

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