Thermostat recommendation for UT-3000

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Re: Thermostat recommendation for UT-3000

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More than 2 years after the last post I want to add my 2 cents after having gone through all this.

I have a UT-3000 and also was looking for recommendations for which thermostats to use. My main reason was to use wired thermostats with a remote sensor. The idea in my setup is to have the actual thermostats out of the way in the mechanical room, right next to the UT3000 board. The remote wired sensors are throughout the house reading the temperature. I'm adding here a picture of how it looks like right now.

Notice how I have three ProVision8000 now for each UT3000. If you look at the latest recommendation in this same thread, it was to have at least one communicating thermostat (like the CTK04) and that's what my installer wanted. However, I'm so glad I reached out to John Brown!!! He's the most knowledgeable person I've seen about this whole system. He was really unbelievable and helped me and my installer setup the system. I just can't say THANK YOU enough.

So, a little explanation here. From what John told me, an older version of the firmware indeed required a communicating t-stat in order for the board to be properly commissioned. However, I'm at version 1.73 and that version has a way to access all the menus and configuration parameters of the board. With that, John's awesome help, and patience I was able to configure the boards to work with the ProVision8000 honewell t-stats, all connected to the internet gateway (you can see them on the picture on the right). With that in place, I can see all 6 zones in my phone (as attached - tstats.jpg).
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