MA RSD Ultrazone Motor

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MA RSD Ultrazone Motor

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My damper is attached to an auxiliary power source on my Carrier Infinity air handler. It is used for an Aprilaire dehu.(unsuccessfully I might add)
Recently when troubleshooting other issues, I touched the grey plastic cover and noted it to be warm. I removed the cover and the motor bell housing was actually fairly warm to touch, almost hot. Is this normal and should I disconnect it to prevent fire until further investigation? This is a vacation home and left unattended for weeks at a time.
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Re: MA RSD Ultrazone Motor

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This is normal for the RSD style motor. The RSD is a spring return motor. When power is applied it turns and when the power is removed the spring takes over and the blades return to their resting state. That is to say, the motor is always applying force while the power is applied. This generates heat which is dissipated by the metal motor body. There is no need for concern.
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