Rheem Oil furnace 2 zones...control needed?

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Rheem Oil furnace 2 zones...control needed?

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We spend some time with hydronic and solar controls but have never delved into motorized dampers. Until now.

Our project is to install two zones in a small building where there was one. We have done our duct split and new ducting and an 8" bypass duct with mechanical damper. With mastic done we are ready to install the EWC dampers in the ducts. Our mechanical requirements on the job required that we install one damper from the bottom (zone 1 used most) and one from the side (zone two not used as often). I worked with the folks at Riley sales and last week I took possession of a pair of 8 x 16 EWC dampers. But it appears one of the dampers came in wrong? The side load damper for Zone two appears to be a spring return damper and bears magic marker marks on one end that say 16 x 8 NDESR 1303 24 volt closed. The zone one damper I received also has magic marker on it which says 8 x 16 ND 5216.

So I have an inspection on the 6th! I need to figure out ASAP if and how I can use them with the single speed Rheem furnace (heat only) we are working with. If I have to order from Riley and then come pick up in Englishtown then so be it!

In looking at the dampers and your literature I am not sure why I need a controller? For each zone, I was going to let each thermostat on its own 48VA transformer, close and activate the coil on a relay and run the relay contacts to the zone damper and then the furnace. We have all materials in stock to do this.
So my questions:
1. Do I have the right dampers?
2. Will a simple relay circuit work with these?
3. If not, what simple zone control will work?
4. Would this controller work with my simple 7 day honeywell Tstats?
5. given our need for speed what is simplest solution that I can obtain on July 5th!?
Paul Z.
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Re: Rheem Oil furnace 2 zones...control needed?

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