UT3000 and fresh air control

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UT3000 and fresh air control

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We are installing an 18 seer Goodman heat pump system with comfortnet. I plan to add zoning to the house, 5 zones. using a pair of UT3000 panels and communicating thermostats. I would like to have the fresh air intake damper controlled using CO2 and differential enthalpy sensors. This appears cheap and easy using off the shelf sensors with dry contacts to the zone 1 legacy thermostat input. I have two questions. Will the legacy zone 1 thermostat inputs, specifically the fan input, function (override) when a comfortnet thermostat is connected to zone 1? Also, does the UT3000 have the capability to periodically run the blower with the IAQ output energised to open a fresh air damper, or will I need to use a separate fresh air timer like a Honeywell W8150A connected to the zone 1 legacy inputs? I would like to run the fan and open the fresh air damper using the IAQ dry contact when excessive CO2 exists or when the bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans run (dry relay contacts) using the zone 1 legacy input and periodically from a timer otherwise. Also, I would like to use the legacy outputs from the UT3000 to configure the fresh air damper to open any time the differential enthalpy sensor dry contacts are satisfied and heat/cool is called for. Is all of this reasonable, or does an actual off-the-shelf solution exist for the UT3000 that I am not aware of? Thanks.
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Re: UT3000 and fresh air control

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Call and speak with John Brown 1-800-446-3110 X462.
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