NCM300 zone 2 not working -

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NCM300 zone 2 not working -

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This is a duplicate post from my previous thread - I decided to start a new topic since the problem is somewhat more specific and may not have been noticed from the previous description...

Switched over the ST-2E to NCM 300 so I can use ecobee3 t-stats - certain things were different:
- the zone 1 and 2 motors were wired for 1/2/4 instead of 1/4/6 (those are the numberings on the damper motors as well)
- the System block was wired somewhat different: there was a 4-bundle (W,R,G,B) coming from the main furnace power and a 2-bundle (R,W) I assume coming from the outdoor unit. In the ST-2E, the 4-bundle R,G,W were wired to the same colors - but the 2-bundle R was wired to Y, and the W was wired directly to the B of the 4-bundle with a wire cap.
- my zone 1 ecobee3 carried over the W,Y,R,G from the old t-stat - I wired the previous Blue to the C and discarded the Br (these were to B and O, respectively, on the ST-2E)
- my zone 2 old t-stat was formerly the slave with R,Y,W wires - the full bundle was still available so I wired the zone 2 ecobee3 the same as zone 1 (R,Y,G,W and Bl to C)

After restoring power, the NCM300 status flashes green as it should and the zones are green - the damper motors also show green.

Both ecobee3 t-stats power on and appear to function on the wall normally. My main zone 1 seems to be working appropriately. My zone 2 doesn't seem to be triggering the system (heat not turning on with temp threshold). I've tried rechecking the wiring on both the t-stat and panel sides - reset the panel, power cycled the system

Any suggestions? I'll be calling EWC on Monday if I can't figure this out...

Paul Z.
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Re: NCM300 zone 2 not working -

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Give a call, have a few questions 1-800-446-3110X490.
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