whistling damper

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whistling damper

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I have a an 8"x14" model nd rectangular damper. It is part of a 3 zone system. after the system was installed, there was a horrible whisling noise. Aparanetly the contracter "fixed" the whistle in the system by adjusting this damper to remain almost 25% open in the closed position. So much so that the zone that is controlled by this damper is pretty much always fed. I couldn't understand why this zone was always so warm, well today I looked into it and found that the damper was adjusted to remain open.

I readjusted it to close all the way and the whistle is back. it is one of four dampers for there zones (one zone has two ducts with dampers).

How can I eliminate the noise without leaving the damper partially open? I really need it closed to get pressure and air flow to one of the other zones that is a very long run.

thank you in advance for any suggestions
Paul Z.
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Re: whistling damper

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