Installing Multiple Thermostats

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William McCormick
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Installing Multiple Thermostats

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Hello, I have a question.

I have a situation, I just installed a new AC unit, and zone damper board UZC-10, in an active area, a learning center. Is it possible to connect a few dampers together temporarily, to work off of one thermostat, while the other zones individually function from separate thermostats normally?

I can only get access to the area at strange hours. So I was going to hook up ecobee3 thermostats in the larger waiting area and band room, and get them connected to Wi-Fi. My wish is to connect the smaller areas that contain students, and allow those other eight dampers to work off of one thermostat temporarily. Then install two or three ecobee3 thermostats at a time, in the little window I have to work in the other rooms? There would be eight dampers that would need to be temporarily connected together, and operated by one thermostat.

I was just looking for the best wiring scheme or method.

The unit now, is functioning from one thermostat, wired directly to the air handler and condenser at present. The board is mounted, and cabled to the sub-board.


William McCormick
Paul Z.
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Re: Installing Multiple Thermostats

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Call the office at 1-800-446-3110 X490 and I will go over it with you.
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