motors not moving

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motors not moving

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Hi, I was wondering if you could shed some light on this...
I have an EWC-ST-2E control unit. 2 MA-ND3 dampers are wired to zone 1 and one MA-ND3 damper is wired to zone 2.
When either zone calls for cooling, the light on the damper changes to green, but the motor does not move the dampers. So from a control standpoint i am assuming all is good. The system is 4 years old, but i cannot say for sure these ever worked properly. Wiring looks good per dat sheets. I can't beleive all 3 motors are bad?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
John B.
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Re: motors not moving

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If the LED on each MA-ND3 motor changes immediately but no movement of the actuator occurrs, then the motor has failed. If that is the case then the motors should be replaced. The correct replacement is a part #MA-ND4 or if you can't find it a part #MRK will also work....

I apologize for the inconvenience...

John Brown
John Brown :geek:
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