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Stan, Pat, and Jodie
Stan Plepis started working for EWC in 1962. Today, Stan continues to be a driving force behind much of what EWC produces. Fifty years of employment at one company is quite rare, but to be a major contributor to the company's success year-in-and-year-out for 50 years is truly amazing. EWC was lucky to find such a dedicated individual.
Stan began his career at EWC in 1962 as an engineer in our transformer division. Stan helped design, build, test and implement some of the most sophisticated devices that have helped American ingenuity. Some of Stan's designs are used on the NASA Space Shuttle program, Blackhawk helicopters, F16 fighter jets, Smart-guided missile systems and many residential applications such as light dimmers and HVAC thermostats. Stan helped implement our Controls division in 1988.
“Stan is someone who has stayed in one job for 50 years, but is never stagnant, he is constantly growing and changing. He is always looking to the future, to see how EWC Controls can update, upgrade, move forward and be better.” says Mike Reilly, president of EWC Controls.
Stan and friends
Over the past 50 years, Stan has nurtured, encouraged and trained many employees that have worked along side him. Stan has welcomed and assisted each and every employee he has come in contact with over the years, and needless to say, it has been many. “Stan has been the most loyal, dedicated, and giving employee, he has always put the company and others first and for that we could not be any more Thankful” said Anne Reilly, CFO for EWC Controls.
Few people can say they have had an impact on the lives of others. For more than 50 years Stan Plepis has touched more people than he can count, in more ways than he can see, through his kindness, compassion and engineering know-how. Through the products he helped develop and the people he had contact with along the way, Stan has had a positive impact on more than he will ever know.
Anne, Stan, Kevin, & Chris
Congratulations, Stan! Thank you for your service.