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Fresh Air Economizer Systems
Fresh Air System
This Fresh Air System utilizes outside air to automatically provide comfort without running the air conditioning when in the cooling mode. The system consists of an EC (Enthalpy Control), a fresh air control panel and outside air dampers. The EC is a control that will sense the temperature and humidity in the air around it. This is adjustable for the desired set point. With the EC in operation this will allow for a very economical way to cool your home or building with fresh air. The EC is wired to an HK2000 which will open the outside air damper and turn on the fan to circulate the air to where it is needed. This will only happen when there is a thermostat calling for cooling and the EC senses that the outside air can do the job before using the air conditioning. Once the outside air is not acceptable, the fresh air system will shut down and turn on the air conditioning.
Model EC
Model EC Enthalpy Control
Enthalpy control provides the means to sense outside air temperature and humidity. When these conditions are acceptable fresh air can be used instead of cooling.
Model HK
The HK2000 Fresh Air and Economizer panel provides intelligent and economical control of residential and light commercial heating and cooling systems.