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In early 1961 EWC Inc. was formed as a manufacturing company of power transformers for military and commercial use. Today, EWC Inc. transformers are located on smart guided missile systems, helicopters, airplanes, the space shuttle and many other applications. The successful growth of this business allowed EWC to expand it's manufacturing capabilities and enter into the HVAC industry. In 1999 EWC sold the transformer business to focus solely on the HVAC industry.
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Our vast experience of manufacturing military products and power transformers led us to form EWC Controls in 1988. Today, homeowners, wholesalers and contractors rely on our expertise and experience to provide the most reliable comfort solutions for all applications.
In 2000, EWC Controls introduced the first damper with directional LEDs to assist our installers. In 2001 we introduced the most efficient whole house steam humidifier. 2004 saw EWC Controls introduce the most complete comfort guide and package for wholesalers and contractors, as well as the first digital humidistat for whole house humidifiers.
Back of factory
EWC Controls continues to make product improvements and enhancements.  We look forward to developing future comfort solutions for our industry.